Cryptopokemon Claim 10000 EGGs

Cryptopokemon Claim 10000 EGGs

About Cryptopokemon:

Crypto Pokemon is a paradise for Pokémon lovers and collectors. We have perfectly integrated the collectibles and defi. Next, let me introduce you to the Pokémon Collection and $ Pokemon


A total of 1 million $ Pokemon tokens are used as fuel and lubricant on the platform, and are necessary for Pokémon Eggs. 10% of them are used to start liquidity injection and 90% are placed on the Pokémon battlefield. $ Pokemon is highly deflationary and will never be issued.


Pokémon has a total of 5 levels, which are ancient legends…

How it works:
Step 1:
Visit the official website, connect to the wallet, click the activate button
Unclock Wallet >> Metamask (Network BSC)>> Claim >> Activation EGG (fee: 0.0005 BNB)
Step 2:
Retweet the pinned tweets and @ two friends
Also refer friend for more token.